The college guide to dating

Filter out the part about how his butt grabbed your attention.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, this guide to dating in the outdoors will prepare you for the rigors of the college outing club dating scene.

There is a wide array of experiences that make up your college life, and if you're coupled-off, you may limit yourself and miss a lot of campus life."Speak up for yourself."If you do want a relationship, don't tell someone that you're not into monogamy and hope that things change," says says Jen Kirsch, a freelance relationship columnist.One of the best parts of attending a new school is the myriad of romantic possibilities.You're at college with thousands of people your age, and everyone wants to meet and mingle.If today’s Tinder-tainted times make you pine for the simpler dating scene of 60 years ago, Joyce Jackson’s Guide to Dating is ready to remind you that the Eisenhower era wasn’t all that awesome either.Scott Logsdon and Steve Marzullo’s show, which is making its debut at the Abbey as the winner of Florida Theatrical Association's first New Musical Discovery Series, stars Alexa Nielen as Joyce Jackson, the queen bee of the Class of 1958.

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Although she had heard this before, Cronin was not aware of how prevalent the hookup culture was at BC.

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