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I think the clone that called Raiden-X flash game looks more attractive!But, if not today, I couldn’t know I was wrong with a fake Raiden-3 download!The main purpose of this list is to explain what is holding back inclusion in MAME.So, if an entry is blank or a well-known game is not included, I don't have any additional information. (Japan), Western Gun Part II, Sparkman, Double Wings, Tap-a-Tune, Vs.Then, I found the Raiden-III download link too, but I was not amazed by this latest generation of Raiden.

It’s really a next generation of Raiden Jet-fighters but looks familiar.

New weapons and bombs, different Jet battles, amazing sound effects and absolutely catchy graphics!

A picture worths a thousand words – take a look of these screenshots of real Raiden-III arcade game playing on my Windows Vista Ultimate machine!

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