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When I came back to the church, I ducked through the doorway not in triumph but in defeat, finally understanding what Peter meant when he said to Jesus, "To whom else shall we go?

" I felt like a closet Jew—better at waiting for the Messiah than ...

All things being equal, the Church would prefer that Catholics marry Catholics.

Shared religious beliefs and practices are important factors in establishing a closer union with another person.

Hearing more about the religious beliefs of a Protestant Christian may help a Catholic to understand his or her own tradition more deeply.

We may be forced to think about aspects of our faith we have always taken for granted.

The Church allows such marriages but asks the Catholic to promise that he or she will do all possible to continue in the practice of the Catholic faith and have any children baptized and raised as Catholics. In the previous post, I explained that this is a question I’ve heard often in Catholic circles and I shared a little bit about my own experience of dating non-Catholics.We spoke about the reason for dating and concluded that its purpose is ultimately marriage. We ended the previous post by looking at what the Catechism has to say on the subject of marriages to non-Catholics. I am a 24yr old Baptist believing women, who has been dating a 26yr old Catholic man.I am very strong in my religion but really believe that he is who I could marry some day.

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If the Catholic Church allows the wedding of Catholics and other Christians, it accepts the reality that Catholics and other Christians in a society such as ours will meet and sometimes want to date.

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