I still maintain that one of the hardest things that a web developer can be asked to do is create a working form that is pleasant to use.

Most checks are pretty straighforward, but there are some additional options that are explained below.As stated here the Validating Password event has completed, the properties of the Validate Password Event Args object supplied as the e parameter can be examined to determine whether the current action should be canceled and if a particular Exception, stored in the Failure Information property, should be thrown." Here is some details/code which really shows why Failure Information shouldn't be always null any password security conditions not matched. According with my Membership settings i should get an exception that password does not match password security conditions, but it is not happened. Be sure and clear the cache after doing this so the change is recognized.Also, keep in mind that modifying these scripts will not change the default Service Now behavior: Blank passwords are still prohibited by default and the password and verify password fields must match.

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