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When using this medium, you can quickly feel as if you have gotten to know the person you are talking with and feel a very intimate level of trust, like I did with my husband.

A recent Canadian news story shows a darker side to this, however.

He was able to coerce many women into giving up their entire savings.

These FAQs are designed to give you a better flavour of what we're about.. We would ask anyone from places like Eastern Europe, Philippines, etc to make sure you have a fully written profile (If you are a nice, literate Moscow or Manilla based Economics Lecturer who likes to come to London from time to time then of course we want you aboard.

people from anywhere in the world are always welcome.

We all know that a few bad apples can ruin your experience online, and we are determined not to let that happen.

We take scamming personally, and we work harder than any other dating site to make sure your experience is safe!

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  1. Who would want to be watched all the time as if you’re in the PBB house? It did say you are his/her “dreams”, isn’t that something flattering? ”, but chose to remain in the darkness to see nobody, nobody but you!