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I assumed he was talking about his head or his heart and tried to figure it out by asking questions, but he didn’t give any real answers, just excuses.

No, your hotness isn't turning him off; it might actually be making him nervous.—Flag Pole Sags Dear FPS, Are you telling me you're not one of those eternally hard, “Voltron”-penis types?Because you should definitely ask for your money back, if that's the case. You're in bed with your boyfriend, and you're wearing your new lace, cheeky underwear from Victoria's Secret that hugs your ass in the most flattering way. According to Web MD, any of the following panicky thoughts can lead to the very real phenomenon of sexual performance anxiety:– Fear that he won't perform well in bed and satisfy his partner sexually– Poor body image, including concern over weight– Difficulties in the relationship– Worry that his penis won't “measure up”– Concern about ejaculating prematurely or taking too long to reach orgasm When sexual performance anxiety occurs, stress hormones in his body constrict his blood vessels, which mean less blood is flowing to his penis, making it harder to get hard.You haven't eaten anything since breakfast, so your stomach, which normally carries a few pounds more than you wish it did, looks particularly flat right now — there's even an illusion of washboard abs. Depression can do pretty unfortunate things to one's sex drive.

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