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For many years, online dating had a stigma attached to it.

Its likeness to personal ads may have been a little too close for comfort, and Americans were hesitant to embrace it.

"People have elaborate laundry lists of qualities they think they want in a partner, and they like online dating profiles that fit this laundry list," Eastwick said.

Online and mailorder returns may require a longer TAT because of the transportation times involved.

If the return is deemed repairable then the client may be waiting a significant time while the product is processed at a service facility and reunited with its owner.2) TAT from the perspective of a retailer/dealer.

Interestingly, men look at about three times as many dating profiles as women, and are 40 percent more likely to contact another person than women are.

To give some comparison, in the 1990s, only about one percent of people used personal ads to meet other singles.

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This increases the probability of a successful coupling.

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