Benefits of dating short girls

Here's why we short girls are actually THE BEST and should be treated like queens!

That's right, scientific evidence supports the long suspected belief that shorter people have longer life spans!

Try being 6'1 and politely weaving through a crowd of Katy Perry fanatics. However, at 5'1 I'm totally able to see Perry's lipsyncing front close and center.

You might suffer an elbow to the face on your journey though!

The research is hotly debated but it's been recently theorized and tested that the taller you are the more likely you are to get common cancers.

(41219 Views) Counter Thread: 10 Reasons Why Nigerian Girls Suck At Relationships / Short Guy, Tall Girl Couple. / A Tall Girl’s Guide To Dating Short Boys (1) (2) (3) (4) blackprowler: Try being a short GUY and you'll understand how wicked life can be: a "crime" you didn't commit o.Here are Thirteen reasons why being a short girl rocks.You can basically sit behind anyone in the car, and tall people will love you for this. Sure, this might be a little irritating when you can be mistaken for almost half your age at 20, but you’ll love it when you’ve broken 40 and you’re still getting carded." If I'm feeling charitable, I answer honestly: "6-foot-2." They often follow-up with, "Do you ever date shorter men? And online, it's even more brutal: Women can calculate how tall they are in their highest heels, add a few inches for good measure, and then filter out men who fall below that sum. The average woman is eight percent shorter than her male partner.

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Because, you know, you have this list to back you up.

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