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This is a database, created by the Judiciary, that will hold the record of all convicted sexual offenders, including their names, identification card numbers, the crime committed and the age of their victim.

This kind of database is unprecedented in Kenya and has long been needed as the key mechanism for tracking sex offenders and ensuring they do not repeat these offences.

At the April 24, 2012 launch event, the Sexual Offences Task Force achieved the milestone of handing over the completed draft of the Chief Justice Rules on Practice and Procedure, which are required to implement certain provisions of the Sexual Offences Act.

The Chief Justice also used the occasion to launch the Sexual Offenders Register, another huge milestone.

The story went viral immediately after Charles published it on his facebook page, attracting movie directors and media stations seeking to feature the author.

The service costs are as follows: Basic option: Ksh. Women customers will be able to ride with women drivers using the Lady Bug option on the service.

As Alexander Mwenga narrates the chronology of the events his family experienced, it is evident that he is still in a lot of pain over what he, and they, suffered in this pursuit of justice.

His tale is one of many defeats in the hands of a justice system which is meant to protect the weakest in society, such as his daughter.

All this is just at a flat rate of Ksh 30 for unlimited usage of the platform per month.

The most invigorating aspect of Shupavu 291 is the ASK-A-TEACHER feature, whereby students ask questions remotely to a live teacher.

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