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According to a criminal complaint filed this week in the case, Church exchanged text messages with the agent posing as the girl, referencing sexual acts and at one point, sending her several photos of his genitalia.

After texting her about swapping photos, the complaint states, Church sent a message referring to police conducting investigations into online chatting that read, "No I know thats how they get prostitutes sometimes and they'd see me as a pedophile."Later, the agent posing as the girl sent a text message that read, "I'm nervous cuz in not old enough. "Church, according to the complaint, responded, "Not as much as I can."He further responded, "Since I'm an adult I should know better.

And if the person’s online profile disappears a few days after they meet you, that’s another tip-off. We have been to Stockton PD so many times and talked to officers.

Here’s the real deal: Don’t send money to someone you met online — for any reason. Last week we spent 3 hours there waiting to talk to someone.

"Church responded, "You can get in trouble but more with family.

To everyone else, you'd be the victim of an adult preying on you and seducing you (that would be me)."Subsequently, according to the complaint, Church sent the girl more than half a dozen photos of his genitals.

After numerous, increasingly explicit texts, the girl also introduced him to her friend, "Abbey."But the 14-year-old girl wasn't a 14-year-old girl.

She was Gordon Goodrow, an investigator with the state Attorney General''s office. And the man, Kenneth Rex Church, 42, of the 100 block of Coventry at Waterford, wound up being charged with having unlawful contact with minors and criminal use of a communication facility.

They would find other people – middle class people with good jobs - to take part in their sex parties from Craig's List'Some of the women used sex toys on the kids to get them ready for sex. They put an enormous effort in to get the children ready. Suspects: Randall Wood (left), who's been charged with second degree sodomy, enticing a child to enter and second degree rape, and Brittney Wood's brother, Derek Wood (right), who's been charged with second degree rape and second degree sodomy But the night before he was due to be interviewed by detectives - the 30th - he drove into the Alabama countryside with his niece Brittney Wood with whom he had had a long-standing sexual relationship.Young fam fun.”“We used a number of different personas in ways where we went out and talked to people who wanted to do bad things to kids,” said Sgt. In all, detectives said they got more than 1,000 replies to the ad.One of those that allegedly applied was Robert Dahms.If I were found out then I would be most likely arrested and charged with breaking a lot of laws.It's why I want you to be comfortable with me more than anything to feel free to ask or say anything about anything at all with me and kind of why I want you to send pictures too."The "girl" texted, "Can't I get into trouble doing that???

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